Lessons Learned, Personality

Is everyone else loving Johnny Weir as much as I am?

From Johnny’s instagram:

Picture 3

Source: http://instagram.com/p/kuLs2xhhUp/

I’m just relaxing watching the Olympics tonight, and I LOVE Johnny Weir.  I love to see Johnny being himself.  I like genuine people, above all else, and as easy as it is for me to recognize this fact when applying it to other peoples’ lives, to accept it in my own was and still is difficult.  Yet being yourself is the best advice I could give.

For me that means being Sarah.  I formally recognized this idea when reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  It is one of her secrets of adulthood: Be Gretchen.  (Rubin also says it’s easier to do something every day rather than once in a while.  Hence, my goal to post on this blog daily.)

In the book, Gretchen writes that it took her until adulthood to realize she shouldn’t feel guilty for liking what she does and not enjoying certain activities that most people do.  For instance, I went to Ohio State University and unlike most of its rabid fans, I really don’t care about football.  I don’t root against the team, but I never found it enjoyable to go to the games and get all worked up with the rest of the fans.  I wish I liked to do this because it seemed like a great bonding experience for a lot of my friends, but I just wasn’t into going to the games.   I can think of many other activities too that most people find fun but that I don’t.  I don’t like to go out to eat much (mostly because, being the food snob I am, food at restaurant chains can be terrible and expensive), and I don’t like to drink alcohol.  My preferences are honestly kind of unfortunate because again, these are social activities people do together.  While I love the company of others, some activities I just don’t like doing, and it took reading the advice straight from Gretchen’s book to realize I shouldn’t beat myself up over these things.  I’ll click with people that are similar to me, and if Johnny’s Olympic role has taught me anything, I might just be admired by everyone who’s anyone for being me.

So keep vamping, Johnny!  I love the eyes he gives the cameras…

johnny weir sochi olympics green blazer headband Johnny Weir: Fashion Gold at the Sochi Olympics

Source: http://spoiledpretty.com/2014/02/johnny-weir-fashion-gold-at-the-sochi-olympics/


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