About me

I just got married to the love of my life (!!!).  That’s about all I have figured out. I’m still trying to find what I want to do and what kind of life I want to have.  In that vein, I am blogging to an audience because journaling is too introspective for me, and I don’t think I could hold myself accountable to do it regularly.  (I’ve tried.) I have a variety of interests, so although I’d like to be more focused, initially my intent is to write every day about what I’m thinking and doing.  This blog will be a record of everything I’m learning/have learned thus far and hopefully an open discussion with my readers.  I have a tendency to ask a bajillion questions (watch this ad to see what my husband’s life is like), so I decided I’d give my husband a break and write down my thoughts instead of (in addition to?) voicing all of them.  Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing for a couple months now, and I’ve read a couple of authors concur in saying that the best writers are just the ones who have continued to write, day in and day out for years.  So here I am trying it out.


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